First Photo Shoots

Things have definitely been busy.  Friday we actually managed to get out of the house again.  This time we loaded Trey into the carseat and placed it into our stroller.  We took a nice walk down the street for some lunch at a nearby deli and then continued the walk down to the grocery.  Trey slept through the entire trip once again.  He actually slept for most of the day Friday.  Which led to more awake time throughout the night.

Saturday none of us left the house at all, but we did accomplish a few things.  Most importantly we gave Trey his first bath outside of the hospital.  He didn’t care for it at all in the beginning, but once he finally relaxed he really enjoyed the warm water on his head.  After that I setup a little photo shoot on the couch to attempt to get some good pictures of Trey.  The results were mixed.  It is impossible to predict when he will actually smile, so I mostly sat and waited for the right moments.

Today was another day for us to get out of the house.  We again headed out to get lunch, which seems to be our new tradition.  It is much easier for us to get a morning feeding in Trey and then head out, rather than try to predict when we could leave later in the evening.  After lunch we made a couple of stops at Target (again) and Babies”R”Us.  We may have pushed our luck a little too much, as Trey did get a little fussy toward the end.  I followed this up with a second photo shoot.  The results can all be seen below.

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2 Responses to First Photo Shoots

  1. Kari Sampson-Berry says:

    Kim & Ed – He is darling. I cannot believe how alrert he is. Enjoy these early days as they grow up so fast! I hear you are moving back to Cincinnati. I sure will miss talking to you and working with you. I know that was a goal of yours to get back near your family. Keep us posted here in South Dakota on when you are moving and your new position.

    Kari Samspon-Berry

  2. kimpaff says:

    Hi Kari! I am going to miss working with you as well. Although I’ll still be in the Property & Inland Marine Division so you’ll still probably hear from me from time to time. And I’d still like to come up to Sioux Falls for your Make A Wish golf outing every summer if I can.

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