Beginning of the Second Trimester

Now that I am past the “danger zone” of the first trimester, I’m really getting excited about this baby!  Ed and I have started planning the baby’s room.  We need to get the basement finished so we can move the essential parts of the office down there, then we’ll change the office into the guest room and our current guest room will become the baby’s room.    We are hoping for lots of visitors, so we want to keep the guest room.

We have also started thinking of names.  For boys we’ve decided on Edwad (to keep the Edward family name) and for girl’s we’ve decided on Myrtle (after the famous PigFest singer, MER).  Wad and Mer, what do you think?

Just kidding.  We are thinking of going with Edward John III, but we need a good nickname.  How about EJ or Trey?  We are desperately lacking in girl’s names.  I like Alex, Gabe and Sam.  But Ed’s not sold on any of those.  Any suggestions?

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  1. Nancy Steinmetz says:

    Congratulations you two…you will make great parents!

  2. Lauren says:

    I like Millie!!!

  3. Phil says:

    I like Alex and Gabe. And since we’ve had an Alex I & and an Alex II, you could still use Trey for a nickname. Man I’m just full of good ideas. Don’t rule out Myrtle or Wad though; I think they are catchy.

  4. claire says:

    I was wondering if you would use Edward John III … I think that is great! guess you weren’t too bothered by the mix up on the credit reports etc… I’ve always like the nickname Trey and EJ would be a good choice too I also read that you can use Trace and Trip… as far as girl’s names I like Kim’s choices but here is a website that has a lot of cute girl names… I’m anxious to see what Jr would pick out 😉

    • edpaffjr says:

      Way to be unique, Kim. Samanthan and Alexis are number 8 and 9 in that list. Gabrielle is down at 57. Edward didn’t make the list, so my idea is the most unique! I like Trey, but not Trip, and I’m not sure on Trace (sounds hillbilly). And did you see Claire is back on the list?

      I actually like Samantha. I’ll have to take some time to go over the rest of the list.

      • claire says:

        Claire is becoming very popular… it seems like every show we watch lately there is a wife or child named Claire… I don’t like it! I want to be unique 🙂

  5. claire says:

    PS… we promise to use the guest room quite frequently!!!

  6. sr says:

    if its a boy you could make him edward the iv since my grandfather was actually edward john as well and just call him king or maybe 2 bits, like quarter which sounds like quatro :). i have no suggestions for girls, i don’t make girls, sorry…

    • claire says:

      I did read while looking for info on nick names that only popes and royalty keep their placeholders permanently… maybe that’s why you weren’t a second because your grandfather was already deceased at the time of your birth… they say when someone dies everyone gets bumped up one notch… not sure if this is true but jr could become a sr???

  7. Corey says:

    I like the boy name, that one is pretty simple … as for Samantha, I do agree that it is becoming very popular. In the past year I just had cousins name their kids Samantha, Samuel and Gabriella. But who am I to say anything, we named our kids Grace and Noah which were both very popular names, but I stuck with Noah because it was the only boys name I ever really liked dating back to when I was in grade school or high school. How was I suppose to know that the year I have a boy it becomes one of the most popular names?! Grace came out of no where from Joanna, so you’ll have to ask her how she came up with that one.

    I think no matter what name you decide on, it will be weird calling them that for a little, but then you get to a point where you couldn’t imagine them as anything other than that name. So I am sure whatever you pick out will be awesome!

  8. Mindy Ross says:

    Since we have an EDWIN…we made a list of some possible nicknames that you might also be able to use. So far EDDIE seems to be the only one that people use frequently…most of the time is is simply EDWIN. Here is the blogpost with additional thoughts:

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