My First Blog Post

Ed’s been bugging me to start writing a blog for the baby and I’ve resisted for three months, only because I haven’t had many positive things to say about the first three months of pregnancy.  Now that the end of the first trimester is in sight, I’m feeling better about putting my thoughts online. 

We went to my 12 week doctor’s appointment yesterday and everything is going well.  The doctor did say I need avoid certain activities for a couple weeks.  Her examples were running and biking (I didn’t mention that I biked to work not too long ago and not running is going to send me over the edge.)  But, she did grant me the permission to walk.  Good thing since I didn’t wheel my way into the doctor’s office!

I’ve been trying to follow the doctor’s orders and “take it easy”, but instead I’ve found myself completely bored and this is only the second day!  Any ideas of relaxing activities that last more than 15 minutes?  I have found an outdoor pool nearby where I can swim laps.  If the doctor asks, I don’t know how to swim.  That way she won’t tell me not to swim.

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  1. Doni says:

    Love the pictures. Makes the baby look huge but I am sure it is still about the size of a thumb, amazing. So why won’t the doctor let you run or bike? Looks like lots of movies & books in your future. Some “brain candy” books series I like are:
    1. Mitford Series by Jan Karon
    2. The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series by Alexander McCall Smith
    3. Miss Julia Series by Ann B. Ross
    4. Dakota Series by Debbie Macomber
    Hope this helps and that you are able to resume your other activities soon!
    Love ya!

    • kim says:

      Thanks Doni.

      Believe it or not I’ve started reading quite a bit. So much that I even joined a book club! Never thought I’d say that! And I’ve never read any of the books you suggested so I’m going to reserve them from the library now.

      Apparently the baby is sitting really low right now, so the doctor is afraid any kind of bouncing could be dangerous. Hopefully she moves up higher quickly… I think… although that doesn’t sound too comfortable either. Anyone who ever said they liked being pregnant was lying!

      • claire says:

        Kim… did you say “she”??? do you know something we don’t know 🙂 or are you just pulling for a girl since everyone else is saying boy! have you tried replacing your running and biking with pilates or yoga? I never really “enjoyed” being pregnant either… but the outcome is soooo worth it!!! you will be back to your normal activities before you know it and I’ll be ready to babysit 😉

        • Kim says:

          Yes, I’m pulling for a girl 🙂 Isn’t five brothers and a brother-in-law enough boys?? Our ratio is way out of whack!

          And you are right, yoga or pilates are a good idea. I’ve done yoga a few times over the last few months but I really need to get back into it.

  2. Steve F says:

    For reading, I might suggest “State Operated Self-Insurance Funds: A Comparative Study” It is probably as good a read now as when I wrote it in Grad School. Just don’t let Doni know I let you borrow it. I never let her read it.

    • Kim says:

      Thanks Steve – I’ll have to check my local library for that one. Right after I finish my AIC books. ha!

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