Baby on the Go

Last week we got a fun baby gift in the mail – a Baby on the Go (aka Baby Bjorn) from my mom, Bethany and Savannah.  We’ve heard great things about these baby carriers.  You just strap the carrier onto the front of your body and go.

I’m sure Ed and I are going to be using this a lot.  Our plan is to keep traveling as much as we are now, but tailor our trips to more baby friendly/kid oriented places.  So far our baby has been to 17 states, soon to be 19 after our Yellowstone trip in September.

I’ve heard that flying when you are pregnant helps the baby’s ears adjust to the pressure change on flights after they are born.  If nothing else, his ears should be well adjusted.

We have our big 20 week appointment on Thursday so check back for results of that visit and hopefully some good pictures!

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2 Responses to Baby on the Go

  1. claire says:

    I knew that this would be a gift that you and Ed would really enjoy! and use alot! I was just talking to Kerry yesterday and she said she just finished cutting her grass on the riding lawnmower with Brooklyn in her front pack 🙂 Can’t believe you have traveled to that many states while being pregnant already! I’m sure your travels will be just as adventurous with baby in toe 🙂 can’t wait to hear about the doctor’s visit today!

  2. Lauren says:

    We want pictures and updates!!!

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