3D Photo Shoot

Yesterday, I had my 29 week visit to the doctor and we were lucky enough to get a 3D picture taken of the baby.  The ultrasound tech was taking all kinds of measurements of the baby and when she got to his head she decided it was a perfect opportunity for a 3D shot.  So she snuck one in for us! 

No 3D Glasses Needed

All the measurements and other tests that they did came back fine.  The doctor was slightly concerned about the size of the baby’s kidneys so I get to have another ultrasound done in four weeks.   He said it’s nothing to be concerned about he just wants to keep an eye on them.  Hopefully I’ll luck into the same tech again.

The doctor also convinced Ed and me to get flu shots yesterday while we were there.  Neither one of us have ever had one before, but it is highly recommended to parents of newborns since they cannot get a flu shot until they are 6 months old.  Luckily, neither one of us have had any side effects… yet.   

I really like this doctor that I’ve seen the last few visits.  He is the only male in the practice and he seems very on target.  Yesterday he asked if I was eating enough and told Ed that he needs to gain 2lbs by the next visit.  I’m all for a doctor who wants us to eat more and wants more ultrasounds done!!

I'm trying to suck my thumb

Tomorrow, Ed and I leave for our last flight before the baby is born.  Then I will be grounded for many months.  Sounds great right now, hopefully I don’t get stir-crazy by the end of the year.  We are headed to Cincinnati and are going to run/walk the Run Like Hell 5k Friday, go to UC’s homecoming game on Saturday and then hit up King’s Islands Haunted House.  My brother, Jason, is working in the haunted house this year so we’ve promised him a visit.

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  1. Doni says:

    Baby Ed or Daddy Ed needs to gain 2lbs???? Hope you are feeling good, I am starting to look for flights but guess I better wait till I have a baby to hold before I start asking for days off work. 🙂

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