Made It Out Of The House

Our first few days at home have been pretty eventful.  We had our first visitors to the house yesterday, a couple of Kim’s coworkers.  After a sleepless night on Tuesday, Trey managed to sleep most of the afternoon and evening.  Things were so quiet overall that I managed to sneak out of the house for a few hours last night for my weekly hockey game.  When I eventually made it home, I found Kim and Trey snoozing on the couch and that is where we all stayed for the entire night.  Trey did manage to sleep most of the night waking only twice for feedings.  I’m hoping that this trend continues or even improves to full nights of sleep soon.

Today was much more active for all of us.  Trey had his first doctors appointment this afternoon, and we took advantage of the time outside of the house to have lunch and make a quick shopping trip through Target.  Our lunch was before the appointment and he slept through the entire lunch.  In fact he was still sleeping when we entered the exam room.  He did wake up while I was taking his clothes off for the weight check.  Good news there, he is already putting on weight and is almost back up to his birth weight.  Other than that the doctor visit was pretty uneventful.  He did get fussy toward the end, but quickly fell asleep again after a quick feeding.  This made the trip through Target very easy for us.

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