Our Final Days In Denver

The last month has flown by because we’ve been busy – selling a house, buying a house, packing and saying our good-byes.  Our friends hosted a party in Wash Park on Sunday, so we could enjoy one final party with all of our friends.  It was great seeing everyone again and we are going to miss all of our friends here.

We’ve been away from Cincinnati for 8 years and I couldn’t be more excited to move back! I’ve loved all the experiences Ed and I have had both in Denver and Kansas City and I wouldn’t trade the last 8 years for anything.  But, I’m ready to be back in Cincinnati with our family and friends.  I want Trey to be as close to our families as we are and that won’t happen if we are 1,200 miles away.

Our final journey home starts tomorrow.  We are going to stretch out the drive home over four days in attempt to make the car time tolerable for Trey.  I’m looking forward to our stop in Kansas City on Friday because we are going to visit with Doni and her family and some of our friends from KC.

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