One Lucky Baby – No Daycare Needed

One thing I came to realize quickly after Trey was born was that I was not going to be able to put him into daycare as easily as I had thought. When I was pregnant, Ed and I choose a daycare in Denver and even paid the deposit to reserve his spot. It was a very nice, safe, Montessori school one block from my work. But when the time came to bring him there, I just couldn’t do it.

Luckily, Doni offered to stay with us my first week back to work to help us avoid daycare. And even leaving Trey with her for a couple hours a day was hard for me. I knew Doni would be taking better care of Trey than I even do. And Trey loved being with Doni. But being away for the first time was miserable for me!

Doni and Trey

I was able to work from home my last couple weeks in Denver which let us skip the daycare scenario altogether. And now that we are back in Cincinnati, my mom and Ed’s mom are watching Trey for us during the week. Judging by how happy he is, I think he loves this set-up. He literally smiles ALL the time. Having Trey grow up being close to both of our families is priceless. Plus they get to enjoy the little guy as much as us now!

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