Looking for a smile?

If you want something to make you smile – check out these videos that Claire took of Trey yesterday. You can’t get much happier than this!

As you can see, us being in Cincinnati has been great for Trey. He loves all the attention and Ed and I love all the support. Even though I hate leaving every morning, I leave knowing that he’s going to have fun with whoever is watching him that day.  And he’s learning new tricks all the time.  He can roll over to his side and he can get in the crawling position, but he’s not really going anywhere yet.  It’s still up in the air whether he’s going to skip crawling and go straight to walking.  He hates being on his stomach and gets onto his feet whenever possible.

Other updates in our life:  We are getting closer to moving into our new house. Our closing is set for June 29th and the movers come on July 1st.  And we’ve also set a tentative Baptism date for Trey at St. Francis Seraph on August 14th.  We still need to work out the details but we will probably have a party at our new house afterwards.  Everyone is welcome to come, it will be very casual.

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