Nine Month Check-Up

We had Trey’s nine month check-up today. He is growing very well based on these measurements:

  • Weight: 22 pounds 8 ounces. 70th percentile. He started at 50, went up to 60 by 2 months, and now up to 70.
  • Height: 28.5 inches. 60th percentile. Started at 30 at two weeks and has stayed around 60 since.
  • Head: 47 centimeters. 90th percentile. Started at 45, then up to 50, but has really grown a lot recently.

The doctor was also happy to hear that he was walking already, and he was even showing off for her and the nurse. She had some new tips for us that she doesn’t usually give until 15 months, so that we can make sure our house is as baby proof as possible. One thing she said that he will likely figure out how to break into most things, so we have to make sure all of those little batteries are out of reach.

For those that haven’t seen Trey walking in person, Kim captured a video of him the other night.

She also recorded another video of Trey showing off his new dance skills. I’m not sure where he learned this, but he will also do this sometimes when you tell him, “No.”

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