Double Doctor Check-Up

Last Monday was double duty day at the doctor’s office. Trey went in for his 3-year-old check-up and Paige was there for her 9 month check-up. Trey’s latest stats are:

  • Weight: 31 pounds. 45th percentile.
  • Height: 36 inches. 20th percentile.
  • Head: 51.5 centimeters.

Paige’s latest stats are:

  • Weight: 17.5 pounds. 50th percentile.
  • Height: 27 inches. 25th percentile.
  • Head: 44.5 centimeters. 75th percentile.

Paige is becoming increasingly mobile every day and has just started taking her first steps, though it seems that she still prefers to crawl wherever she needs to go. Trey loves building puzzles and putting together various crafts. Below are some photos from the last few months.

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