Bringing Trey Home

We were able to take Trey home yesterday.  We originally talked about waiting until after lunch before leaving our all inclusive resort, I mean hospital, but the nurses were quick to get us up and going early this morning.  The hospital was really quiet all day Sunday, but apparently there were well over a dozen births on Monday and a few more Tuesday.  Perhaps they needed our room for another family.  Either way, Kim and I were actually ready to go.

Unfortunately Trey wasn’t quite as ready.  We bundled him up since it was well below freezing outside and then tried to get him into the carseat.  I think had we any idea how to operate the seat efficiently, he would have easily cooperated.  However we had the straps too tight and couldn’t figure out how to get his little arms in.  He has quickly developed a pretty strong hatred toward being messed with.

Eventually we were able to get him into the carseat and we were discharged.  The car ride went great!  Trey slept pretty much the entire way and we were even made a quick stop at the grocery and Jimmy John’s to pick up some lunch for us.  Once at home, I quickly setup the Pack ‘n Play so he has a place to rest downstairs.  It also has a handy changing table attachment that we have already used a few times.  Speaking of which, the little man is quickly going through diapers and I think I’ll have to run out to buy more today.

I fully intended to post this yesterday, and I even had started writing it, but Trey has developed a new routine.  He seems to sleep for only an hour and a half at a time and then needs to eat immediately upon waking.  This doesn’t give us too much time to get things done while he’s resting, and half of the time we are busy resting ourselves.  This trend continued through most of last night.  He continues to eat very well but has also been spitting up at times.  This is such a huge learning experience and our time continues to fly by.

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