Miss You

Unfortunately I had to return to work today.  Updates may not be as frequent from me, though I’ll try to upload photos when I can.  Here is a quick shot of Trey sleeping in his new bassinet when I left the house this morning.  Can’t wait to get back home!

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2 Responses to Miss You

  1. Holly Scholz says:

    That Fisher Price bassinet is the BEST! Not only is it good for reflux/spitting up, I liked that it took up such little space next to our bed so I could have her right next to me the first few weeks. Kierstin is too big to sleep in it now, but it was a LOT easier to pack that for overnight trips versus the pack-n-play in the beginning. At five months, she still hangs out in it from time to time while I’m folding laundry or something like that upstairs 🙂

  2. kimpaff says:

    That’s good to know Holly. And I agree – it’s perfect to have him right next to me in bed. I sleep a lot better being able to see and reach him if I need to.

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