First Few Weeks In Cincinnati

We have been in Cincinnati for nearly a month already and time is continuing to fly by! We made it to Kim’s parents’ house on Easter Sunday just in time for the Easter egg hunt and big family party. We were excited to be able to introduce Trey to so many extended family members that day.

There have been numerous other big events since we have been back. We watched my dad run in yet another Flying Pig Marathon, my parents threw a welcome home party for us so Trey could meet his relatives on my side of the family, and we even managed to squeeze in a trip to the zoo this past weekend.

Now that we are back, my mom has been taking so many pictures of our growing boy! This works out perfectly for us since we haven’t taken so many pictures. As always her photos can be viewed on her flickr page. Below are a few of our photos from the past month along with a video of Trey’s first meal of rice cereal last night.


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  1. ed sr says:

    good job with the feeding, might want to try smaller amounts

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