Paige Two Month Check-Up

Today was Paige’s two month check-up with the pediatrician. Here are her latest stats:

  • Weight: 11.2 pounds. 50th percentile.
  • Height: 22 1/2 inches. 50th percentile.
  • Head: 39.2 centimeters. 75th percentile.

And here are Trey’s stats from his two month:

  • Weight: 12.4 pounds.
  • Height: 23 inches.
  • Head: 15 3/4 inches, or 40 centimeters.

Overall Paige is a little smaller than Trey was, but not by much. They both have average sized bodies with large heads.

Paige is a very happy girl these days, full of smiles and lots of loving sounds.

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